Elbana Tex for linen yarn and fabrics

Elbana Tex for linen yarn and fabrics with headquarters in Egypt, and a branch in Czech Republic.

Our goal is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary, we have a daily job to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Our products are exported to many different countries all over the world, our company specializing in the production of natural, bleached and dyed yarn. With more than 15 years in this field, we have gained the trust of many customers.

We are always strive for long – term relationship with our customers, and make a great effort to create win –win relation between us and our appreciated customers.

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Flax seeds need around 100 days to grow. The flax plant is a delicate and it cannot endure very hot weather. Therefore it has to be planted accordingly so that it is not exposed to very high temperatures.


The plants give several indications for the right time for harvesting in around 90 days. When the leaves wither away, the stem becomes yellow and the seeds turn brown, the plant has to be harvested immediately. This can be done manually or mechanically.


After harvesting, the stalks are processed for the removal of leaves and seeds. Then the fiber is separated from the hard wooden interior part. This is the process of retting, which needs to be expertly handled.


After retting, the plants undergo a process called breaking. The stalks are moved through rollers to separate the best from the exterior fibers. It is the best from which linen is made.


The process of combing or straightening of the fibers separates the short fibers from the long and fine linen fibers. The short fibers are used for making coarse and sturdy goods while the long fibers are used for spinning.


The long linen fibers, called Line fibers, go through the process of spinning, and a machine called spreaders is used. The fibers are laid parallelly, creating a sliver. These are again passed through rollers, after which the fibers are called rovings. These rovings are then ready to be spun on a spinning frame.

Quality Control

Starting from the raw materials quality are checked during its production process and a double checked when delivered to our warehouse in Egypt , after that we starting our strict norms of controlling during each production phase.

Our Range

- We spin linen yarns, we dye linen yarns single and twisted yarns, Also we have a wide range of different colors.
- We producing wet spun linen yarns starting from NM 2 to NM 26
- Yarns can be made of a single thread or twisted out of two, three or four. All these yarns are available in their natural colors, bleached as well as in a range of different colors.


Providing customers a brand yarn with superior valued quality that improve the next production phase of our customers.


To create a better yarn for the many people.

Our certificate

- Intertek Certificate
- Oeko Tex Certificate
- ISO 2015 Certificate
Which certificate that 100% linen yarn boiled, bleached, and dyed with reactive dyes can be used for wrapping of food and food related products.

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